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    'I-Want-That' Ponytail Hairstyles to Catch the Eye

    The humble ponytail wins hands-down in any convenience contest, but it can be hard to ignore the sneaky voice in your head whispering that this five second ‘do might be (say it quietly) boring. It doesn’t have to be, though.

    Here at Philips, our dedicated Beauty team are constantly thinking of innovative new ways to help women achieve the gorgeous hairstyles they want – effortlessly. Today, we’re thinking about ponytails: try one of our three favourite fantastically easy ponytail hairstyles today, and elevate this everyday look into something special.

    3 ponytail ideas to try this month

    Use this trick to give high ponytail hairstyles an extra wow-factor

    We all know someone whose high ponytail hairstyles just naturally seem glossier, longer, more voluminous and bouncier than everyone else’s. There’s no mysterious hair voodoo at work here – chances are your friend is using this insanely easy trick.
    Use this trick to give high ponytail hairstyles an extra wow-factor

    1. Throw in some texture. This is proper ponytail prep: spritz your hair with a dry texturizing spray to give your updo some staying power.

    2. Add loose waves. If your hair tends to lie flat, you can create quick, easy waves by twirling your hair into ringlets and pressing with your straighteners. Philips StraightCare Prestige Nutri Wonder straighteners are a great bet for anyone who fears singeing but needs a quick heat-up time. Their unique plates gradually release hair-friendly natural oils and vitamins to actively nourish and protect your locks, so you’ll be left with healthy-looking, glossy waves. And with a 15-second heat-up time, there’s no waiting around.

    3. Tie back the top section of your hair. Scrape the hair that sits above your temples back into a high ponytail.

    4. Create a second mid-height ponytail beneath the first one, using the rest of your hair. This is the cunning part: the top of this second ponytail is hidden by the one above, but because it’s lower down, it creates a fuller, longer look overall.

    5. Optional: wrap the top hair band with a lock of hair. Take a small piece of hair from the underside of the top ponytail and wrap it around the hair band to cover it. Pin with kirby grips and apply hairspray to fix.

    Elevate easy ponytail hairstyles for short hair with boho braids

    When you have short hair, ponytail hairstyles tend to look more like rabbit-tail hairstyles: short and tufty. To create a ponytail that says heading-to-a-party rather than heading-to-the-gym, try this.


    1. Follow steps 1-2 above to get textured waves. Quickly twist-and-press the hair at the front of your face with Philips StraightCare Prestige Nutri Wonder straighteners, as before. Any hair that escapes your short ponytail will then nicely frame your face in shiny, nourished waves, instead of hanging flat.

    2. Create a small braid. Take a small segment of hair from the front of your hair and braid it, working towards the back of your head. Secure with kirby grips and a little hairspray, so that the end lies down flat. If you can French-braid, so much the better, but if not, don’t worry about it.

    3. Tie the rest back. Follow step 5 above to hide the hair band, if you like.

    4. Fix with hairspray. Short hair has a tendency to make a break for it. Fix with spray to keep your look in place.

    Elevate easy ponytail hairstyles for short hair with boho braids

    Go high fashion with sleek and straight low ponytail hairstyles

    Seen all over catwalks this year, the low, sleek tie-back is one of the most fashion-forward ponytail hairstyles for long hair. Here’s how it’s done.


    1. Straighten your hair. For the ultimate sleek, glossy look, use Philips StraightCare Prestige Nutri Wonder straighteners – the nourishing natural oils released by the plates will help you get the flawless, frizz-free effect you’re looking for. Alternatively, make sure that you apply a nourishing oil (such as argan oil) to the hair when it’s wet.

    2. Apply a shine serum or oil. Work it in from the mid-lengths down to the tips: this is where your hair most needs a moisture boost.

    3. Choose your parting. If you’re aiming for a bold Jane-Eyre style statement, go straight down the centre. If not, a side parting gives this look a softer kind of chic.

    4. Brush into a low ponytail. Use a clear elastic band to fix – minimalism is key to this style.

    Go high fashion with sleek and straight low ponytail hairstyles
    There you have it: three gorgeous (and far from boring) ponytail hairstyles to try this month, courtesy of the Beauty team here at Philips. Looking for more hair styling inspiration? Check out our guide to creative long hair updos.

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