Innovative solution for muscular back pain relief

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Philips BlueTouch

Drug-free relief from muscular back pain


Innovative blue-light therapy with a dual effect for drug-free back pain relief, Philips BlueTouch is the only product using the power of blue light to relieve muscular back pain. It is specially developed for the treatment of mild to moderate muscular back pain, in the upper and lower back. Philips BlueTouch uses the benefits of warmth and blue light to relieve pain without drugs and without the side effects associated with pain killers.

Drug-free relief

Easy to use; feel results in 1 to 2 weeks


Philips BlueTouch provides effective muscular back pain relief right where you need it, giving you results in 1 to 2 weeks. Wireless and lightweight, Philips BlueTouch allows you to wear the device comfortably under your clothes so you can move freely and enjoy your daily activities. Our specially designed app makes it easy to choose and control your pain relief treatment.  

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See what Dr. med. Gerhard H. H. Müller-Schwefe says about Philips BlueTouch

Test it yourself to experience the effective drug-free pain relief brought by blue light therapy.

30 day money back garantee

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Now I can be active again. I feel myself again!"

Pat, age 40

After 2 weeks I realized my back pain was less."

Martijn, age 35

Now that I use BlueTouch, I find that I have more energy."

Hannah, age 29

How does Philips BlueTouch work?

The combination of blue light and warmth encourages repair of your damaged muscles by increasing local blood circulation and enhancing oxygen and nutrient supply, supporting the body’s own recovery processes. Philips BlueTouch is a wearable pain relief patch used in combination with a fastening strap for the upper or lower back.
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Is BlueTouch the right solution for me?


If your back pain can be classified as muscle-related back pain, BlueTouch could help you.

Muscular back pain is originating from the muscles. The most common causes of muscle pain are tension, stress and overuse. The pain is usually localised, affecting just one muscle or part of your body. Examples include:

  • Muscle tension experienced by office workers
  • Muscle pain as a result of intense household or childcare activities
  • Muscle pain as a result of overstretching

Muscular pain does not include pain resulting from hernia, and is not nerve pain.

For contraindications, please refer to the instruction manual.


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