Infrared lamps


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Infrared lamps for effective muscle and joint pain relief

InfraCare and InfraPhil
This photo is not representative: for pain relief treatment, the infrared light needs to irradiate bare skin.

Philips InfraCare and InfraPhil 

Pain relief through comfortable infrared warmth


Philips InfraCare and InfraPhil offer a range of pain relief infrared lamps, including different models that can treat either single body parts (such as the neck or knee) in a focused way or provide half-body treatment. InfraCare and InfraPhil feature innovative infrared halogen lamp technology that has been optimised to ensure an evenly distributed warmth over the treatment area.

Why infrared technology
This photo is not representative: for pain relief treatment, the infrared light needs to irradiate bare skin.

Infrared light effectively relieves your muscle and joint pain


Philips infrared lamps allow you to relieve muscle pain and improve joint flexibility from the comfort of your home. You can manage your pain in as little as 15 minutes per session. The gentle heat is soothing and it helps you relax during your infrared treatment. Infrared technology is well acknowledged in the treatment of pain and its therapeutic use has been widely adopted by medical professionals.



Infrared range

Test it yourself to experience the comfortable infrared warmth.

Infrared technology is a well-known technology that exists for many years. Many consumers have been experiencing the benefits of infrared lamps.


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Best pain relief for chronic pain."


The relief provided by this product is amazing!"

Reval, age 31-50

It makes my ill leave 50% shorter every time I'm unlucky to catch cold."

MagdaP, age 31-50

How do our infrared lamps work?

The comfortable warmth penetrates deeply into your skin and stimulates local blood flow in the painful area. This helps your body to transport oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to this area and to remove metabolic waste products from there. These effects help to relax your muscles and to provide effective pain relief.
The right solution for me?

Is InfraCare or InfraPhil the right solution for me?


InfraCare and InfraPhil are local warmth therapy appliances. Possible applications include:

  • Treatment of occasional or chronic muscle pain, joint pain, stiff muscles and stiff joints.
  • Treatment of low back pain.
  • Treatment of pain due to rheumatic disorders (during the non-inflammatory phase).


The appliances are not intended for the treatment of abdominal, facial and other types of pain. For contraindications, please refer to the instruction manual.

Clinically proven* to relieve muscle and joint pain.

Infrared light is used by professionals to relieve pain. Philips has been a leading expert in infrared technology for over 50 years.

* W. Siems, N. Bresgen, R. Brenke, R. Siems, M. Kitzing, H. Harting, P.M. Eckel (2010): Pain and mobility improvement and MDA plasma levels in degenerative osteoarthritis, low back pain, and rheumatoid arthritis after infrared A-irradiation” Acta Biochimica Polonica 57, 313–319.