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    New and effective:
    Blue light to treat plaque psoriasis

    Blue light a gentle therapy option

    Blue light – the new psoriasis treatment option


    Blue light is the new way to treat mild to moderate psoriasis.

    • No chemical substances, No UV radiation to worry about.
    • Stimulates natural processes in your body
    • Convenient, wearable at home
    • Efficacy is clinically proven2
    • Significant improvement of plaque symptoms like scaling redness and thickness2
    • Only 20p per day treatment cost*

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    Suggested retail price: £259.00

    What light is and how blue light affects our health


    Light is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye. The radiation has different wavelengths and each wavelength is seen as a different color. Short wavelengths are seen as blue light (~430–500 nanometers), middle wavelengths as green (~520–565 nanometers) and long wavelengths as red (~625–740 nanometers).

    Light affects a person’s hormone balance, immune system and metabolism. But not all light is the same. Depending on the wavelength, concentration and intensity, light can brighten up a room, emit pleasant warmth or even help to destroy cancer cells. Blue light is free of ultraviolet (UV) radiation and – in the form used in Philips BlueControl – is not toxic to the skin.

    Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are a highly energy-efficient light source. They have been used in household and vehicle lighting for decades. Now the blue LED light is providing an effective and milld new psoriasis treatment.

    When blue light illuminates the skin, it stimulates a variety of natural processes. In the case of psoriasis treatment, blue light suppresses the activation of certain immune cells, the dendritic cells, which reduces inflammation of the skin and alleviates plaque symptoms. The natural blue light psoriasis treatment also helps to reduce the accelerated production of skin cells, which is associated with psoriasis.

    How blue light affects our health

    The new psoriasis treatment that becomes part of your life


    The new blue light therapy works best when applied daily to each plaque. Based on clinical studies, the recommended treatment time per plaque is 30 minutes. The device switches off automatically at the end of the treatment. So you don’t have to time it. As the psoriasis treatment with Philips BlueControl only induces natural relieve processes, the device can be used to treat multiple psoriasis plaques per day.

    Philips BlueControl is easy to use – anytime, anywhere. It can be worn comfortably on arms and legs as well as on elbows and knees. The specially designed textile strap is easily adjustable and offers a secure fit. Philips BlueControl is so convenient that almost everyone who uses it follows their recommended treatment procedure.


    Review Blue light therapy
    A new psoriasis treatment that is effective and fits my life

    I’m so glad I found this natural psoriasis treatment! It induces natural processes in the skin, so I don’t have to use chemicals every day. Best of all, I don’t need to compromise on efficacy."

    It’s such a clean treatment – no grease, no mess and very mild. You don’t have the risk you normally get with UV phototherapy. It puts me in control!"

    After four weeks, I was able to feel and see a real difference."

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    1. Weinstabl A et al. Prospective randomized study on the efficacy of blue light in the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris. Dermatology. 2011; 223(3): 251-9.

    2. Pfaff S et al. Prospective Randomized Long-Term Study on the Efficacy and Safety of UV-Free Blue Light for Treating Mild Psoriasis Vulgaris. Dermatology. 2015; 231: 24

    Philips BlueControl is a Medical device class IIa (CE0344 certified, not FDA cleared) for the treatment of mild to moderate psoriasis vulgaris. Before altering or stopping any prescribed medication or using the device, patients should consult with their physician and carefully read the instructions for use. April 2017.

    *20p per day treatment cost,  is based on treatment being taken  every day for the lifetime of the Philips BlueControl device (approximately 5 years).

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