Ambilight TV app

Wave your flag

with the Ambilight TV app

Let there be light: Your team. Your colors. Your flag. All in glorious Ambilight. Just download the Android™ & iOS compatible Ambilight TV app* and let your colors shine.

Ambilight TV app features:


Share your set up via Facebook™ or Twitter™ to show that you and Ambilight are your team’s biggest fans.  

Red / Yellow Card:  

Is the referee making calls you don’t agree with? Hand out red or yellow cards whenever you want. 


Your team won, naturally! Celebrate the happy event with an Ambilight fireworks show. 


Pulse racing as you wait for a penalty kick? Build the suspense with a little help from Ambilight. 


GOOOAAAL!!! Ambilight’s lively lightshow makes each goal an event to remember. 

TV mode:  

Return to your TVs default Ambilight settings. 

Select team(s):

Select your flag (or color). Chose the flags of both teams, or create a custom Ambilight halo. 

Cheer mode:

Adjusts the Ambilight to the ambient sound in the room, so you can literally see your cheering. 

Team mode:

Press to return to a static flag when in Waving flag or Stadium wave mode. 

Waving flag:

Proudly waves your countries flag to and fro. 

Stadium wave:

Be part of the action! Feel like you are in the stadium with this special Ambilight effect. 

Kick off!

Press here to access the main event screen and take the games beyond the ordinary. 

Join the fun!

Is your flag not represented in our app?
download it here:

* Europe/Russia: compatible with Philips Ambilight Smart TV 2012 model or newer.
* Brazil/Argentina: compatible with Philips Ambilight Smart TV 2013 model or newer.
** TV models shown are used for demonstration purposes only. Availability is country specific.

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Philips Ambilight technology projects a "halo" of light and colour onto the wall behind your television, which blends in with the picture on the screen in real time to create a sharper viewing experience.