Philips TV sound

See how beautiful sound can be

Immersive home sound


As our TV’s become ever more minimalistic, we ensure the sound remains voluminous. So when you’re listening to a new track, watching a film, or playing a heart-pumping game, you’ll enjoy dynamic, rich sound.

Philips TV sound multi-ring technology

Multi-ring technology


Our clever multiple ring technology allows the speaker to move with the greatest amount of freedom creating a fuller, clearer sound that’s rich with bass – remarkable when you consider how beautifully thin our TVs are.

Philips TV natural sound

Natural sound


By exposing the speakers, every sound wave reaches your ear directly without anything getting in its way. So you get to enjoy clarity of speech and crisper, more natural tones. See, less is more.

Visible sound


Crafted to produce impressive sound from small dimensions, our front facing speakers generate remarkable clear voice tones. Not to mention being very pleasing on the eye.

Spotify Connect


Your Smart TV speakers are engineered to create great sound. So let’s put them to good use. With Spotify Connect, just hit the play button on your Spotify app and your top tunes will instantly pump out of your TV.