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    Philips TV sound

    Feel every detail

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    Sound by
    Bowers & Wilkins


    An exclusive speaker design by legendary audio engineers Bowers & Wilkins delivers thrillingly lifelike performance. An integrated sub-woofer, tweeters, and full-range drivers produce deep, well-defined bass, pristine dialogue, and crystal-clear high frequencies. Even at low volume.

    A thrilling combination

    As our TV’s become ever more minimalistic, the sound remains voluminous.
    Improved sound quality and clarity

    Hear every whisper


    Tweeters deliver clarity in the high tones—glass breaking, birds singing, raindrops falling. The direction of high-frequency sound is also controlled, ensuring accurate sound is delivered to a wider range of listening positions. 

    TV with good sound | Dialogue clarity

    Don’t miss a word


    The woofer on your Philips TV is responsible for the midrange and lower-range frequencies. The sound seems as if it’s coming from the middle of the TV and dialogue is crystal clear. What you hear and what you see are perfectly matched. 

    In-built sub-woofer | Enhance your TV listening experience

    Bring the bass              


    Sub-woofers reproduce extremely low-range frequencies. Movie explosions will rumble. Engines will roar. Musical performances will feel beautifully rounded, with deep lows and powerful drums and bass.

    Sound configuration varies per TV. Please check the TV product specs.
    TV and Audio products on the Phillips.com website are not sold in Philips Online Shop. The conditions regarding warranty, delivery and returns are determined by the retailer of your choice. Please refer to the conditions used by the retailers for more information.
    Sound setting standing Sound setting wall mounted

    Every detail matters  


    A Philips TV is designed to deliver a great listening experience—wherever you place it. During setup, you’ll be prompted to choose pre-configured sound settings that optimise your TV for wall or stand mounting. If you re-position your TV, settings are easy to change via the main menu.

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