LCD widescreen monitor

    LCD widescreen monitor

    Your versatile all-in-one LCD monitor TV combo

    Now you can have it all - PC and TV display in a slim, sleek unit. The Philips 170T4 LCD monitor TV combines great convenience, top notch display and exciting sound with sleek, trendy and elegant design to complement your interior decor. See all benefits


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LCD widescreen monitor

17", multimedia, WXGA 170T4FS/00 Find similar products

Your versatile all-in-one LCD monitor TV combo

  • sRGB ensures colour matching between display and printouts

    sRGB ensures colour matching between display and printouts

    sRGB is an industry standard that ensures the best possible match between the colours displayed on your screen and those in your printouts.

  • Sleek, elegant design complements your home decor

    A sleek, elegant design look that complements home furnishings in any room.

  • Compact and slim design that fits in every room

    This design style emphasises a slim, compact look that saves space and fits in anywhere.

  • Widescreen LCD displays more content without scrolling

    This widescreen design employs a wider aspect ratio to enable it to display more information.

  • Wide viewing angle for extra freedom

    A wide viewing angle provides the clearest display with little reflection from virtually any angle.

  • Built-in TV module for viewing TV programmes on the PC monitor

    A television tuner built into a monitor to display television signals as well as computer data.

  • Displays video signals from a variety of AV sources

    Display signals from a rich variety of AV devices.

  • Enjoy multimedia experience with built-in speakers

    Audio speakers built into a display device.

  • Screen tilts to your ideal, individualised viewing angle

    Adjustable tilt is backward and forward movement of a screen on its base to achieve custom positioning for an ideal viewing angle and more comfort for people who spend long hours working on the computer.

  • Cable management for a tidy work space

    Cable management is a system that maintains tidy workspace by organising cables and wires required for the operation of a display device.

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