digital widescreen flat TV

    digital widescreen flat TV

    Turn up your viewing experience

    Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with this Philips Cineos Digital Flat TV with premium picture quality from Pixel Plus 2, Ambilight and the latest HD Plasma technology. Electronic programme guide for digital TV packed in a beautiful design. See all benefits

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Cineos digital widescreen flat TV

42", plasma, integrated digital 42PF9967D/10 Find similar products

Turn up your viewing experience

with Pixel Plus 2 and Ambilight

  • Full-colour ambient lighting enhances the viewing experience

    The full-colour ambient lights offer you relaxed viewing and a unique ambiance, projecting a soft light glow on the walls surrounding the TV. Research has shown that watching television with adapted ambient lighting promotes more relaxed TV viewing. The Ambilight colours automatically adapt to the images on the screen to add a new sensation to the viewing experience. The light can also be switched to fixed colours or various shades of white. In standby mode, the lights can be operated to any colour and create a unique ambiance in the room.

  • HD Ready for the highest quality display of HD signals

    HD Ready for the highest quality display of HD signals

    Enjoy the exceptional picture quality of High Definition pictures and be fully prepared for HD sources like HDTV set-top boxes and Blu-ray discs. HD Ready is a protected label that offers picture quality beyond that of progressive scan. It conforms to strict standards laid out by EICTA to offer an HD screen that displays the benefits of the resolution and picture quality of a High Definition signal. It has a universal connection for both analogue YPbPr and uncompressed Digital connection of DVI or HDMI, supporting HDCP. It can display 720p, and 1080i signals at 50 and 60 Hz.

  • High Definition plasma WXGA display, 1024 x 1024i

    This state-of-the-art plasma screen technology gives you widescreen HD resolution of 1024 x 1024i pixels. It produces brilliant flicker-free pictures with optimum brightness and superb colours. This vibrant and sharp image will provide you with an enhanced viewing experience.

  • Integrated Digital Tuner for DVB-T reception

    The integrated Digital DVB-T tuner lets you receive digital cable and terrestrial TV without an additional set top box. Enjoy quality TV clutter free.

  • Pixel Plus 2 for better detail, depth and clarity

    Pixel Plus 2 is a digital picture processing technology that improves the resolution of still and moving pictures. It does more than adding pixels; it also makes the pixels better, giving incredible sharpness and picture depth every time and from any source. And it does not just improve the resolution: you also benefit from improved colour reproduction, resulting in the finest colour detail and superior brilliance.

  • Built-in Pulse Killer Chip neutralises interferences

    Electrical interferences are neutralised by a built in chip called PKC

  • Matching design swivel stand included

    For maximum freedom of placement, this high-quality stand is designed specifically for this TV and allows easy placement of your Flat TV without drilling holes in the wall. Enjoy the best viewing angle with the convenience of 40 degrees swivel (20 degrees each side). Invisible cable management is included in the back. This stand fits seamlessly on the matching accessory floor stand.

  • 1200-page Hypertext for instant fast access to teletext

    Teletext is a common system transmitted by most broadcasters. The 1200-page smart text feature gives you extremely fast access to information when changing pages.

  • DVI-I HD input with HDMI, VGA and Component video support

    A DVI-I input connects the non-compressed high-bandwidth digital RGB signal from source to screen. By eliminating the conversion of the digital signals to analogue, it delivers an unblemished and noise-free image, that is clear and flicker-free. The DVI input supports HDCP copy protection that allows viewing of copy protected programmes from Digital Set-top boxes, DVD players and HD recorders. DVI-I is future proof as it can be be connected to all HDMI devices (a converter cable is required). The DVI-I input also supports analogue PC-VGA and YPbPr Component video signals (adapters supplied).

See all Specifications
  • DVB-T, supported in selected countries only
  • 7 days EPG, service not available in all countries

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