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    Clock Radio

    Talking alarm clock with voice confirmation

    They take up less space and looks a lot cuter than conventional clock radios but they function with the same solid reliability.


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Talking alarm clock with voice confirmation

  • Wake up to your favourite radio tune or a buzzer

    Wake up to your favourite radio tune or a buzzer

    Wake up to sounds from your favourite radio station or a buzzer. Simply set the alarm on your Philips Clock radio to wake you with the radio station you last listened to or choose to wake up with a buzzer sound. When the wake up time is reached, your Philips Clock radio will automatically turn on that radio station or trigger the buzzer to sound.

  • Dual alarm time

    Dual alarm time

    The Philips audio system comes with two alarm times. Set one alarm time to wake you up and the other to wake up your partner.

  • AM/FM tuner for radio enjoyment

    AM/FM tuner for radio enjoyment
  • A wake-up call with a difference

    An alarm setting with a refreshing difference, Rooster Wake-Up Alarm is a witty wake-up alarm option. You can also select a radio alarm or a traditional buzzer alarm. Simply press the Alarm Set button to set a wake-up time and select the alarm style. Once the Rooster Wake-Up Alarm is chosen, a rooster symbol will appear on the alarm display. Demo mode allows you to try out the sound of the alarm. Rooster Wake-Up Alarm brightens up your mornings and brings a touch of fun to your daily routine by waking you up with a rousing rooster call.

  • Voice Confirmation for accurate time and alarm input

    Voice Confirmation is a reassuring electronic voice that confirms which function on your alarm clock you are currently using. When a function button on the alarm clock is pressed, a reassuring electronic voice says "Set Time", "Set Alarm" or "Alarm On/Off", thus confirming the function that has been activated. With Voice Confirmation, you would not make mistakes when adjusting and setting alarm times or activating the alarm function. This feature ensures you will be on time, all the time!

  • Alarm Time Display shows you the wake-up call time

    Alarm Time Display always shows both the current time and the time that your alarm is set to go off. The constant display eliminates the need to press a button in order to check whether the alarm has been set and at what time it will go off. Alarm Time Display constantly reassures you that your alarm is set correctly and that it will wake you up at the intended time.

  • Low battery indication shows when to refresh batteries

    To promptly be aware when the batteries need to be recharged or replaced.

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