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Wellness solarium

    Wellness solarium

    Relax, renew, revive

    The Innergize combines infrared warmth, infratan and natural scents and sounds to create a revitalising sun experience. It's just as versatile to use; in three simple steps it folds to a compact size for easy storage.

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Relax, renew, revive

Enjoy a revitalising summer sun experience

  • Foldable to compact size

    The ingenious design of the full-body solarium lets you fold the appliance to the size of a compact suitcase for convenient and space-saving storage.

  • Infrared warms you up and makes you feel revitalised

    Innergize infrared improves your blood circulation, warms you up and makes you feel renewed and revitalised. When your muscles and joints are stiff or tired, you can relax and pamper them by using the Innergize's infrared lamps separately to enjoy pleasant warmth for deep full-body relaxation.

  • Light weight for easy transportation

    Lightweight design makes the full-body solarium easy to use and transport.

  • Infrared effectively relaxes tired muscles and joints

    When your muscles and joints are tired, you can relax and pamper them by using the Innergize's infrared lamps to enjoy pleasant warmth for deep full-body relaxation.

  • Easy unfolding in just 3 steps

    Unfolds from compact, storable size in three simple steps.

  • Height adjustable with built-in distance meter

    For an optimal even tanning field of 190 x 70 cm, the lamp house needs to be positioned 70 cm above your body. You can adjust the height of the lamp house to the height of your own bed. The full-body solarium is suitable for use with beds with a height of up to 52 cm (incl. mattress). The bottom of the bed needs to be a minimum of 8 cm above the ground to allow the full-body solarium's legs to be positioned underneath it.

  • Active audio to enjoy nature sounds or your favourite music

    Two integrated speakers allow you to enjoy relaxing, pre-programmed sounds of nature. Alternatively, you can listen to your favourite station on the built in digital radio or connect your own CD or MP3 player to listen to your music.

  • Infrared snooze to enjoy a little longer

    After the last-minute acoustic signal has sounded, you can activate the infrared snooze to enjoy 10 more minutes of warmth and relaxation.

  • Natural scents to relax the mind and spirit

    Innergize offers a choice of three unique ambient scents that enhance the multi-sensory experience (Summer Blue, Orange Valley and Green Oasis, accessory no. HB080). Just choose your favourite and adjust the intensity to your preference.

  • Acoustic signal reminds you when to turn over

    An acoustic signal sounds one minute before automatic shut-off. This gives you time to press the repeat session button if you want to continue tanning the other side of your body using the programme settings you have already selected.

  • Practical storage of goggles in integrated holder

    The lamp housing has a handy compartment for storing safety goggles so they don't get lost.

  • Integrated wheels and grip for easy transportation

    Integrated wheels and grips allow for easy transportation when the appliance is folded.

  • InfraTan, extra infrared for an optimal tan

    During the tanning experience, infrared lamps are used simultaneously with tanning lamps. Not only does this create more comfortable warmth, but the infrared lamps also enhance tanning by improving the blood circulation in the skin. The Innergize is designed to let you enjoy on average (depending on skin type) 30 minutes of safe, relaxing full-body tanning.

  • Reflector technology creates an even 190 x 70 cm tanning field

    A parabolic reflector with hammer finish evenly distributes the UV rays of the tanning lamps to create an even tanning field of 190 x 70 cm.

  • Built-in distance meter to determine your tanning distance

    Built-in distance meter to determine the distance between your body and the appliance. Helps you to use the tanning distance as advised in the user manual.

  • Security timer with double-safe auto shut-off

    The double-safe 'electronic watchdog' security timer has a shut-off feature that automatically ends the tanning session at the pre-selected time.

  • Two sets of protective goggles

    Two sets of goggles ensure your safe and comfortable use of the full-body solarium.

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