PersonalBest Peak Flow Meter

PersonalBest Peak Flow Meter

3-zone color coded measurement, Helping you stay in control, Suitable for children and adults HH1309/00 Find similar products

Technical Specifications

  • Design

    Color-coded indicators
    3-zone asthma management
  • Product details

    Main body
    ABS plastic
    Cover and handle
    Hot-stamped, alcohol-resistant
  • Performance data

    +/- 10% or 10 L/min
    Less than or equal to 5% or 10 L/min
    Less than or equal to 5% or 10 L/min
    Resistance to flow
    Less than or equal to 0.35 kPa/L/min
    Frequency response
    Less than or equal to 12% or 15 L/min
  • Calibration data

    Measurement range
    60-800 L/min
  • Scale resolution

    10 L/min
    from 60 – 700 L/min
    20 L/min
    from 700 – 800 L/min

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