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600 W, 1.5 L, with mill, filter, chopper HR2864/00 Find similar products

Excellent blender

  • Detachable blade

    Detachable blade

    Clean easily and effectively by removing the blade from the jar.

  • Mill for grinding ingredients in seconds

    Mill for grinding ingredients in seconds

    Use the mill accessory of this Philips blender to grind wet and dry ingredients in seconds, such as coffee beans, dried herbs.

  • Serrated blade

    Serrated blade

    Chop, dice and slice effortlessly thanks to the 5 star serrated blade.

  • Chopper


    Chops vegetables like onions, herbs, nuts and meat into fine pieces with this special chopper accessory.

  • Filter for clear juice

    Filter for clear juice

    Keep seeds and pips out of your juice with this convenient filter.

  • Break-resistant jar

    Break-resistant jar

    Avoid breakages with this reinforced plastic jar.

  • Cord storage

    Cord storage

    Save space with the handy cord storage system under the housing.

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