LED inspection lamps

LED Inspection lamps

CBL20 Cabled Lamp

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    LED Inspection lamps

    CBL20 Cabled Lamp

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    Our cabled professional LED Inspection lamp has been made with all possible maintenance jobs in mind. We are working with experts to better understand how light affects worker performance in production environments. See all benefits


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LED Inspection lamps CBL20 Cabled Lamp

High Quality LED, 300 lm, 5 metre cable, Retractable Hook LPL16X1 Find similar products

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Professional lighting tool

  • Wide beam angle: up to 100°

    Wide beam angle: up to 100°

    The wide beam angle of 100° will enable you to focus on specific parts and to deliver the right amount of light you need.

  • Water and dust protected -IP54

    Water and dust protected -IP54

    The LED inspection lamp is water resistant and conforms to IP54.

  • Rotating magnet

    Rotating magnet

    Use the rotating magnet to position the lamp and its light where you need it, providing you with clear and precise visibility of the work space.

  • Strong impact resistance -IK07

    Strong impact resistance -IK07
  • Resistant to chemicals and workshop solvents

    As well as resisting knocks, the inspection lamp cases are resistant to water, chemicals and workshop solvents.

  • High-power LED light up to 300 lumens

    The high power white LED's provide 300 lumens of light output to ensure that you are not left in the dark when trying to spot even the smallest details.

  • Defeat the darkness with soft natural light

    Philips professional workshop lamps feature powerful LEDs for an intense white light and a bright wide beam to defeat the darkness. Designed to optimise clarity and vision, the 6000 K white light also improves visual comfort for fatigue-free working.

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