LED inspection lamps


LED colour check projector PJH20


    LED colour check projector PJH20

    True colour match. Designed for pros.

    The Philips MatchLine PJH20 LED work lamp is perfect for quick colour checks and larger paint shop work. Two bright light modes will help you achieve a quality finish. And you can easily switch between battery and cable power sources. See all benefits

  • True colour match. Designed for pros.

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MatchLine LED colour check projector PJH20

True daylight match, 2300 lm Boost / 1200 lm Eco, Rechargeable with a long cable, High resistance IK09/IP67 LPL39X1 Find similar products

True colour match. Designed for pros.

Rechargeable LED projector for paint shops

  • Easily match colours as if you were working in daylight

    Featuring the latest Lumileds Luxeon SMD LED technology, the Philips MatchLine PJH20 provides powerful white light, a high colour rendering index and a 6000-K true daylight colour temperature. This means that with the MatchLine PJH20, you can work on your paint, polish, cleaning or prep zone as if you were working outdoors on a bright sunny day. And the lamp is not only designed to provide you with clearer vision; the softer white light is also gentler on your eyes, reducing fatigue as you work.

  • High Colour Rendering Index of 92 reveals true colour

    The higher the Colour Rendering Index (CRI), the easier it is to identify the right colour. Lamps with a low CRI value cause some colours to appear unnatural. Light sources with a CRI of 90 or above are best for tasks requiring the most accurate colour match. Fitted with 48 Lumileds Luxeon LEDs, the Philips MatchLine PJH20 delivers light with a CRI of 92. With a powerful light source like this, you can be sure you're revealing the true colour. So you'll easily and quickly spot the colour you need, without using a spectrometer — leaving the colour-matching mistakes to your competitors.

  • Two-step light mode (2300/1200 lumens) for multiple uses

    With the Philips MatchLine PJH20, you can adjust the light output depending on your needs. The more powerful boost mode provides 2300 lumens, perfect for lighting up a large area, recognising true colours or checking the finer details of a paint job. And with the normal mode you get 1200 lumens, providing a bright but softer light for everyday work, while preserving battery life.

  • 90° wide beam angle to light your entire work area

    The wide beam angle of 90° illuminates vehicle body parts with an even and uniform light. Not only can you see the finer details to spot those imperfections, you're able to work across a wider area at any one time.

  • Matt filter reduces glare to reduce the strain on your eyes

    When you have to stare at a reflective surface under a strong light for a long time, your eyes can easily become tired and irritated. The Philips MatchLine PJH20 comes equipped with a matt filter that protects your eyes by reducing glare and mirror-like reflections. So you can work more comfortably for longer.

  • Easily switch between rechargeable and cabled power source

    Want maximum freedom to move around your workshop? No problem. Simply unplug the PJH20's cable and you'll switch to battery power. You'll get powerful light for up to five hours on its lithium battery. If you need continuous light for longer, more complex work, you can always plug the lamp back in and use Philips PJH20 as a cabled projector.

  • Robust light is shock-, water- and dust-resistant – IK09 and IP67

    Conforming to the international standard IK09, the casing of the MatchLine PJH20 is robust, designed to withstand the toughest of working environments. Because we know even the most careful workers accidentally drop their tools from time to time. And with water resistance to IP67 standards and a surface that's resistant to chemicals and workshop solvents, you can be sure the MatchLine PJH20 is a lighting tool that is built to last.

  • With a handy tripod mount, simply position for the best light

    The MatchLine PJH20 comes with a convenient tripod mount, so you can easily position the projector to give you the best possible direction of light. Simply set up your light in the ideal position for the job at hand and then get to work.

  • Gain flexible use of your light with 5 metres of cable

    Working with short cables can be frustrating, especially in a paint shop where you need flexible use of your tools. The MatchLine PJH20 comes with five metres of thick, robust cable, so you can plug in and use your light projector wherever you need to in the workshop.

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