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    Live out loud

    Enjoy powerful sound from ShoqBox, a palm-sized MP3 player with built-in speakers that feature XSL Acoustics. Enjoy up to 500 songs on the road or with friends at home. Go on and play it loud! See all benefits

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Live out loud

MP3 player with powerful speakers

  • Built-in speakers with XSL Acoustics for potent sound

    Enjoy potent sound and powerful bass performance from your ShoqBox with XSL Acoustics. Impressive sound is produced by combining bright, brisk treble and mid range sound with elastic, powerful bass. Innovative use of high-tech materials like titanium cone and neodymium magnet deliver sound output that's nearly double the power of a traditional speaker driver of the same size. Precise tuning between the speaker driver, the small acoustic architecture and the circuitry ensures superbly dynamic sound and optimises bass performance from the smallest sound enclosure.

  • Use as portable speakers for any music player or PC

    You want dynamic sound and powerful bass output from tiny speakers to liven up your listening experience! Your ShoqBox features a pair of tiny yet powerful speakers that deliver powerful bass with sound big enough to fill a room. Connect the cable from the line-out or headphone port of your audio source to the line-in port of the ShoqBox. Then select the line-in function from the main menu of your ShoqBox. Bring your presentations to life or sit back and enjoy big sounds.

  • PlaysForSure* with Windows XP only

    Enjoying your GoGear device is simple with PlaysForSure which ensures compatibility with Windows Media Player 10 and Windows XP. Using Windows Media player you can easily manage music on your GoGear digital audio player and auto-synchronise your PC music collection. Also, enjoy the widest online shopping selection by simply looking for the PlaysForSure logo at your choice of online store. Then rest assured knowing any music you purchase there will work with your GoGear player.

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