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MP4 player with docking speaker

    MP4 player with docking speaker

    Powerful sound

    Feel the room coming to life when you play your music with GoGear Vibe mounted onto GoGear docking. And you can play music from the Dock for up to 8 hours while on the go. See all benefits

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  • Powerful sound

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GoGEAR MP4 player with docking speaker

ViBE with GoGear Dock, 4 GB* SA3DKV04KN/02 Find similar products

Powerful sound

At home and on the go

  • FullSound™ to bring your MP3 music to life

    FullSound™ to bring your MP3 music to life

    Philips' innovative FullSound technology faithfully restores sonic details to compressed MP3 music, dramatically enriching and enhancing it, so you can experience CD music without any distortion. Based on an audio post-processing algorithm, FullSound combines Philips' renowned expertise in music reproduction with the power of the latest generation Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The result is fuller bass with more depth and impact, boosted voice and instrument clarity, and rich detail. Rediscover your compressed MP3 music in true-to-life sound that will touch your soul and move your feet.

  • 4 W RMS total output power

    4 W RMS total output power

    This system has a 4 W RMS total output power. RMS refers to Root Mean Square which is a typical measurement of audio power, or rather, the electrical power transferred from an audio amplifier to a loudspeaker, which is measured in watts. The amount of electrical power delivered to the loudspeaker and its sensitivity determines the sound power that is generated. The higher the wattage, the better the sound power emitted by the speaker.

  • Fast charge for 90-minute playback in just 5 minutes

    Fast charge for 90-minute playback in just 5 minutes

    Sometimes, you just need your GoGear player to take you from home to office and back again or for a short run – but you forgot to charge it last night. Say goodbye to frustration and boring, silent journeys with Fast Charge. Philips' smart and convenient solution lets you plug your GoGear to your PC or USB charger for just 5 minutes and in return, you get a whopping 90 minutes of audio playback! Fast Charge works by relying on much higher current levels to give your lithium-ion battery the power it needs to tide you over in a jiffy… and keep the music going. 

  • 1.8" full colour display for smooth and intuitive navigation

    4.6 cm (1.8") full colour screen allows you to navigate easily within the control menu or the music files of your GoGear player.

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  • Storage capacity based on 4 minutes per song and 64 kbps WMA or 128 kbps MP3 encoding.
  • 1 GB = 1 billion bytes; available storage capacity will be less.

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