Cradle Player

    Cradle Player

    Pre-recorded natural sounds

    The Philips cradle player plays your own recorded voice, pre-recorded natural sounds or a lullaby to help comfort your baby as he settles down to sleep. The softly glowing night light provides an orientation point and reassures your baby.

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Pre-recorded natural sounds

  • Soothing pre-recorded sounds of nature

    Natural sounds like the sea, a heartbeat and running water are both reassuring and sleep-inducing for your baby. Choose the sound that is most comforting for your baby.

  • Replays pre-recorded soothing sounds for babies

    Each button triggers a friendly sound, inviting your baby to reach for buttons and develop his hand-eye co-ordination.

  • Your baby hears your voice while falling asleep

    Give your baby the pleasure and reassurance of hearing your voice or enjoying a familiar bedtime story as he or she falls gently to sleep.

  • Adjust the playing time according to your baby's needs

    Set the playing time you want by selecting the desired playing time.

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