Baby Food Thermometer

    Baby Food Thermometer

    Baby's food always just right!

    Digital Baby Food Thermometer you can rely on for your child's health and safety. Gives a quick, accurate measurement so baby food is never too hot.

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Baby's food always just right!

  • Quick and reliable temperature measurement within seconds

    Never too hot, never too cold — the "Just Right" digital thermometer quickly tells you if the milk or food is safe to eat or drink. It takes the guessing out of warming bottles or jars and is great for checking if food is still warm enough after taking a short break in feeding.

  • Fits every kind of bottle, including oval, round and 'wide-necks'

    The product is designed in such a way that bottles and jars of all kinds of sizes and shapes fit in.

  • Allows boiling or sterilising without damaging electronics

    By detaching the sensitive temperature measuring electronics from the soother, you can safely sterilise or boil the part your baby comes into contact with.

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