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    Nutrition Starter Pack

    Bottle Warmer & Microwave Steriliser

    Prepare baby's bottle quickly and safely

    Unfortunately this product is no longer available


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Bottle Warmer & Microwave Steriliser

Prepare baby's bottle quickly and safely

Unfortunately this product is no longer available

Bottle Warmer & Microwave Steriliser

Quick and reliable food preparation

Provides reassurance that everything is germ free

By heating the water in the container to above 95 degrees in a microwave oven, you will ensure that harmful bacteria and germs are safely destroyed.

Destroy all household bacteria and germs harmful for baby

Protect your newborn baby from any harmful household bacteria or germs by disinfecting her bottles, teats, soothers and small plastic toys.

Sterilises 6 regular or 4 wide-neck bottles at a time

Convenient use of the steriliser means having the disinfected bottles ready when you need them. This means fitting all bottles needed for a day's feeding into the steriliser in one go.

No chemicals needed to disinfect baby's bottles and teats

Chemical residues in baby's food are a nightmare to think about. Therefore, items are sterilised using very hot steam.

Double insulated for use anywhere in the home

With your safety and convenience in mind, the double insulated bottle warmer is designed to be used in every room in the house, not just where an earthed mains socket is available. There are no exposed metal parts that can become live.

Overheat protection stops baby's food ever getting too hot

To avoid the danger of accidently burning your baby's mouth, the automatic switch-off ensures that the food does not get too hot.

Uses the latest PTC heating technology for a safe product

The controlled heating process incorporating a PTC heating element and two sensors is ideal for consistently heating food and keeping it warm.

Temperature control system maintains the ideal temperature

The latest heating technology incorporates a PTC heating element, and two sensors ensure that the water in the beaker quickly reaches the ideal temperature and maintain it at a safe level that won't burn your baby's mouth with food or milk that is too hot.

Fits every kind of bottle, including oval, round and 'wide-necks'

The product is designed in such a way that bottles and jars of all kinds of sizes and shapes fit in.

Short bottles and jars are easily lifted out

Even short bottles and jars are easily removed from the bottle warmer thanks to the handy lifting handle.

Allows precise temperature setting at the required level.

With the Click-step temperature setting you can adjust the setting to suit the different types of food and bottles and jars you want to heat up.

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