Baby Monitor

    Baby Monitor

    Pilot tone technology included

    Wireless Baby Monitor that enables parents to be in constant contact with their baby.


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Pilot tone technology included

  • Analogue Pilot Tone minimises interference from other devices

    A special tone that is transmitted along with the audio signal minimises the chance of interference from other wireless appliances.

  • Low battery indication shows when to refresh batteries

    To promptly be aware when the batteries need to be recharged or replaced.

  • Maximum operating distance between units with no obstacles

    In the open air with no obstacles, the safe distance between the baby unit and parent unit is greater than indoors, so you can take the parent unit with you into the garden or to the neighbour's house without losing contact.

  • Take the parent unit with you in and around the house

    Rest assured that as you take the parent unit with you as you move in and around your house, the parent unit will stay in touch with the baby unit. It keeps you reassuringly informed and able to respond quickly when baby calls.

  • Simplifies the selection of the volume you prefer

    A handy rotary control sets the volume to the ideal level to suit your preference.

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