Magic Theatre

    Magic Theatre

    6 different images to suit your child's age

    Make bedtime a special moment for you and your child. By projecting soothing images suited to your baby's age on the wall or ceiling, you stimulate your child's aural and visual development!

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6 different images to suit your child's age

  • Choose slides for various stages in your baby's development

    With high-contrast shapes for newborn babies, vivid colours and forms for babies up to 6 months old and recognisable objects for older babies, there's a set of images that will appeal to your baby. The shapes stimulate visual development as well as help your baby fall gently to sleep.

  • Soothing pre-recorded sounds of nature

    Natural sounds like the sea, a heartbeat and running water are both reassuring and sleep-inducing for your baby. Choose the sound that is most comforting for your baby.

  • Replays pre-recorded soothing sounds for babies

    Each button triggers a friendly sound, inviting your baby to reach for buttons and develop his hand-eye co-ordination.

  • Projects gently rotating images on the wall or ceiling

    The relaxing movement of the projected images helps your child fall asleep while stimulating visual development.

  • Complies with all relevant toy standards for child safety

    As it complies with the strictest toy standards with careful attention paid to responsible design, this product is safe for your child to play with.

  • Adjust the playing time according to your baby's needs

    Set the playing time you want by selecting the desired playing time.

  • Bring bedtime stories to life by drawing your own slides

    Add a fun dimension to fairy tales and nursery rhymes, and stimulate your child's creativity by creating your own slides with a waterproof pen and the blanks provided.

  • Unbreakable mirror uses flexible plastic instead of glass

    Even when thrown on the ground or slammed against a wall, there's no danger of this mirror ever breaking because it's made of flexible plastic.

  • Complies with all relevant toy and safety standards

    The products that comply with the toy standard have been thoroughly tested to ensure they meet these norms and are totally safe.

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