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TV antenna

    TV antenna

    Receive digital TV and FM signals

    This 45 dB amplified antenna is designed to work with your digital set top box and can also receive analog TV and FM signals. Because of the flat panel design, the antenna will pick up the signal you need to watch digital television. See all benefits

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TV antenna

UHF/VHF/FM, Indoor, 45 dB amplified SDV4240/05 Find similar products

Receive digital TV and FM signals

with this 45 dB amplified antenna

  • 45 dB adjustable amplfication

    45 dB amplification boosts weak signals, expanding your reception range and allowing you to receive more signals over a greater distance.

  • Sleek design lines compliment today's new TVs

    Simple, elegant design lines compliment today's new TVs.

  • Touch control with LED signal

    Easy touch control increases or decreases amplification strength. Also confirms amplification strength at a glance.

  • UHF flat panel array for improved reception

    The highly efficient UHF flat panel array offers improved reception over conventional loop antennas. Due to the flat design, the antenna concentrates the signal for better reception.

  • Low noise amplification maintains signal quality

    Together with the adjustable amplification, low noise amplification ensures you of a great reception range and improves the quality of your signal.

  • VHF/FM dipoles for expanded reception

    VHF/FM dipoles, commonly know as "rabbit ears", allow you to receive TV programs broadcast on the VHF spectrum and radio broadcast on the FM spectrum. Extending and manipulating the dipoles brings in optimum signals.

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