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    Brighten your life!

    Whatever type of torch you want, the LightLife range perfectly responds to your needs. Made with quality materials, each torch is fitted with lighting technology for optimal beam intensity and lifetime. See all benefits

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Brighten your life!

With this self-powered torch

  • Innovative LED technology with extremely long operating life

    Innovative LED technology with extremely long operating life

    A Light Emitting Diode (LED) is an energy efficient improved lighting technology.

  • Extremely low energy consumption

    Due to the low energy consumption of the LED, the torch can be operated for a longer time.

  • Torch contains a dynamo for self-charging capabilities

    Torch contains a dynamo that charges the batteries inside the torch to make dependency on power sockets obsolete and always enables usage.

  • LED with 50,000 hour life makes replacement unnecessary

    Light source replacement is unnecessary due to the extremely long LED life.

  • Pre-focused beam delivers optimal light output and focus

    Thanks to a pre-shaped lens and/or reflector the beam provides the optimal light output and focus.

  • Rubber housing protects torch from splashing water

    Rubber sealing rings and housing prevent water causing damage to the torch and allow you to use it in all weather conditions.

  • Shock resistant housing withstands damage caused by shocks

    A special shock resistant plastic or rubber housing prevents damage to your torch caused by shocks.

  • Nylon strap prevents you from losing your torch

    This strap makes the torch easy to carry around and prevents it from falling if it accidentally slips out of your hand.

  • One-stop shopping

    The batteries that are recommended for the product are built into the device to make immediate use possible.

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