Bluetooth stereo headset



    Bluetooth stereo headset

    Touch controlled and wireless

    Enjoy magic and simplicity at your fingertips with the touch- and gesture-controlled Philips Tapster Bluetooth stereo in-ear headphones. They deliver pristine audio quality with FullSound technology and clear calls enhanced by Philips EverClear. See all benefits

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  • Touch controlled and wireless

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Tapster Bluetooth stereo headset

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Touch controlled and wireless

Bluetooth stereo and hands-free

  • Touch and gesture control

    Control your headset by simply touching its surface — no more fumbling with tiny, hard-to-locate keys. Sensors and advanced software in your Bluetooth headset register and interpret any touch so that—for example—a stroke on the headset's surface adjusts the volume, a tap picks up a call and taking off the headset transfers an active call to the phone.

  • FullSound-enhanced music

    What is music without heart and soul? During the recording and compression of digital music details and dynamics of the live music get lost. FullSound is a smart algorithm, running on a powerful chip inside the headset. It improves the quality of your music and restores the music's original dynamics, stereo effects, bass and treble to reveal previously unheard detail without distortion. FullSound is enabled out of the box, and can be turned off and on.

  • EverClear technology for clear calls

    Phone calls are often made in noisy environments, leading to difficulty in understanding conversations. With this headset, Everclear Technology digitally filters out noise, so a clear voice signal is received and sent out for crystal-clear calls. It also recognises the change if you enter a loud environment and adapts the headset volume accordingly.

  • Angled Acoustics design provides exceptional noise isolation

    Derived from a thorough understanding of the anatomy of a human ear canal, the Angled Acoustic design adjusts the angle of the speaker tube and ear bud to individual ear canal shapes. Besides delivering sound directly to your ears, it also creates a perfect seal from ambient noise that enables you to listen to your music at lower volume levels.

  • Bluetooth HSP/HFP compliant - Universal

    Bluetooth is a cable replacement technology. Bluetooth is a global standard, so Bluetooth devices of different manufacturers can interoperate using shared Bluetooth profiles. HSP (Handset Profile) and HFP (Hands-free Profile) are the profiles required for typical Bluetooth headset operations. If your mobile phone is compliant to HSP or HFP (like virtually any Bluetooth-enabled phone) this headset will work with it. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. is under licence.

  • Bluetooth® Stereo (A2DP compliant)

    This Philips device fully supports Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP). A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) compliance enables this headset to receive stereo music from any Bluetooth device that is A2DP compliant. Therefore you can use this headset with any compatible mobile phone, PC, Bluetooth adapter, MP3 player etc. that supports A2DP.

  • Wireless call management

    Manage your call without using your mobile phone. This includes call acceptance, rejection, voice dial and redial. Voice dial and redial have to be supported by your mobile phone.

  • Bluetooth-enabled wireless hands-free talking

    Using your mobile phone without a headset can be inconvenient and unsafe. In many locations it is also illegal while driving. Wired hands-free kits add the hassle of a cable. A Bluetooth headset replaces the cable with a short range wireless Bluetooth connection, so your hands are free and your freedom to move is not hampered by a cable. Because the energy transmitted close to your head is much lower than that radiated from your mobile phone, Bluetooth also reduces the potential risks associated with mobile phone radiation.

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