Portable Gaming Headphone

    Portable Gaming Headphone

    Just game it!

    The SHG 8010 gaming headphone with sensational sonic vibes brings gaming on handheld devices to life! You'll feel every blast and explosion through the neck pads. Its comfortable headphones are suitable for all ages.

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Just game it!

Sonic Vibes System

  • Suitable for use with major handheld gaming devices

    Suitable for use with major handheld gaming devices

    Suitable for use with major handheld gaming devices and Pocket PC brands. Simply connect using the 3.5mm Headphone plug.

  • Battery included so you can use your product straight away

    No need to buy batteries to get started. Just drop the batteries in and go!

  • Ultra comfortable in-ear headphones suits all ages

    Designed to suit all ages, the superbly comfortable in-ear headphones will totally immerse you in the game. You'll forget you're wearing them.

  • Futuristic collar shape fits perfectly around your neck

    With it's futuristic collar shape and ergonomic design it fits perfectly around your neck, ensuring the ultimate gaming experience, time after time.

  • Powerful speaker drivers for ultra-realistic sound

    Powerful speaker drivers produce ultra-realistic sound, totally immersing you in the game.

  • Sensational sonic vibes lets you feel the game you play

    You'll feel like you're actually part of the game, experiencing every blow, knock or tremor through motion vibrators mounted independently of the speaker element. It makes action games more exciting than ever.

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