Headphone extension plugs

    Headphone extension plugs

    Ensure a reliable connection

    Depend on these headphone extension plugs for a secure connection when replacing ends on headphone extension cable. See all benefits


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Headphone extension plugs

3.5 mm (M) - 3.5 mm (F) SWA2568/10 Find similar products

Ensure a reliable connection

with these headphone extension plugs

  • Nickel-plated connectors for reliable contact

    Nickel-plated connectors establish a clean contact between the cable and connector for a reliable connection.

  • Non-slip ergonomic grip for easy use

    This non-slip grip makes connecting your components easy and ergonomically comfortable.

  • Moulded plug for secure connections

    Moulded plugs ensure secure connections between components and offer extended durability.

  • Rubber strain relief

    Rubber strain relief provides a secure yet flexible juncture between the cable and the plug.

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