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Lighted USB cable

    Lighted USB cable

    Extend the connection of multiple USB devices

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Lighted USB cable

A/A connectors, 1 m, Retractable SWR2102/10 Find similar products

Extend the connection of multiple USB devices

Lighted A/A Connectors

  • Moulded ends for extended durability

    Moulded ends prevent fraying and extend the life of your cable.

  • A Male/A Female Connectors

    Meet your specific connection requirements with A Male/A Female Connectors.

  • Eliminates tangles for easy cable management

    The spring-loaded retractable device facilitates easy mobility when travelling by allowing you to select exactly the length of cable you need and storing the rest on an internal reel.

  • Lighted ends

    Illuminated cable ends ensure that connectivity is established.

  • Retractable cable for easy storage

    Retractable cable minimises cable tangling and is ideal for cable management. It also allows easy storage of the headphones when not in use.

  • Blue lighted ends

    This visual alert allows you to identify this cable at a glance and recognise its status. When the cable is operational, the ends remain lighted blue.

  • Plug and Play for easier installation

    Plug and Play gives you the ability to install or add a new component and have it work without having to perform any complex installation procedures or technical analyses.

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