Cordless telephone

    Cordless telephone

    Pure and simple communication

    With its slimline design and its wide range of functions, the Onis 300 is both classic and sophisticated and is the perfect phone to answer your everyday needs.


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Pure and simple communication

Combining comfort and efficiency

  • Text messaging (SMS) for short messages over a fixed line

    The Short Message Service (SMS) is a mechanism for delivery of short messages of up to 160 characters of text. These 160 characters are plain text in nature and can be words, numbers or an alphanumeric combination. The Eatoni® LetterWise predictive text editor helps you to write text messages more quickly. With its unique SMS system you can receive up to 200 messages in 10 different mailboxes. A greeting to a loved one, a quick reminder about an important meeting …all this can now be put in a SMS and sent over the fixed network.

  • Eatoni predictive text entry simplifies writing SMS messages

    Eatoni's LetterWise is an easy-to-use text-entry solution requiring just 1.16 taps per correct letter. It makes typing on phone keypads as comfortable, fast and accurate as using a typewriter keyboard. It is unique among predictive text entry solutions in its ability to easily handle the entry of abbreviations, names, addresses and URLs.

  • Display for numbers, letters, icons and drawings

    This type of display makes it easier to use your phone, thanks to the good quality and legibility of the characters. It also gives you more freedom in communication from your home. Now you can combine text with images or numbers, when sending an SMS for example.

  • Create several SMS mailboxes that can be PIN code protected

    Children at a certain age need some privacy at home when sending SMS to their friends. But paying for several mobile phones quickly gets very expensive. DECT phones provide up to 9 personal SMS mailboxes that can be protected by a PIN code - SMS can stay private despite collective phone usage. The user must tell his correspondents his mailbox number so that they can send short messages directly to this personal mailbox. Sending an SMS from a personal mailbox makes it easy for the addressee to reply directly to this mailbox without having to remember the mailbox number.

  • Pilot key & carousel menu navigates in a menu-in-cycle form

    The pilot key navigation system allows easy navigation and settings. The pilot key is a roller on the left side of the phone that can be scrolled up and down and pressed in the middle. It commands the Carousel menu, which is a circular loop of menu icons displayed on the screen.

  • Identify your friends by the ringtone

    Identify who's calling by the ringtone! The VIP icons and melodies indicate to which group in the phonebook the caller belongs. Phonebook entries can be divided into different VIP groups for which you can allocate a specific ringtone.

  • Screen incoming call and mute the ringer for more control

    Tired of your children's friends calling just when you're about to serve dinner? The "Do-not-Disturb" function lets you screen unwanted calls and mute the ringer when you do not wish to be disturbed, but keeps the line open to the family.

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