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    The coffee from my Philips/Saeco espresso machine is watery

    If your Philips/Saeco espresso machine is brewing watery coffee, there can be multiple reasons for this. Please check the possible causes and solutions below.

    Using the machine for the first time

    If this is the first time using your espresso machine, it is normal for the first brewed coffees to be watery as the system is still adjusting.

    Try to brew a few more cups of coffee in order to optimise the extraction of the coffee with the compactness of the ground coffee.

    The brew group is dirty

    It is important to rinse the brew group weekly as a dirty brew group filter can cause a bad water flow and affect the coffee taste. To clean it, follow the steps below or watch our tutorial video:

    1. Switch OFF the machine and wait until it is completely off and no longer makes any noises (this takes about 15-20 seconds)
    2. Open the service door and remove the brew group by pressing the “PUSH” button to the right-hand side, holding it and pulling it towards you
    3. Rinse the brew group thoroughly with lukewarm water and let it air-dry before placing it back
    Play Pause

    Grinder setting needs to be adjusted

    When adjusting the grinder setting to a finer grind, it may have been accidently overturned, resulting in the two grinding stones being set too close to one another. This could result in the grind being very fine and not absorbing the water.

    To solve this, simply re-adjust the grind setting to a coarser setting by turning the knob inside the coffee bean container to a higher number or larger coffee bean.

    Some of the machine settings need adjustments

    The aroma setting, cup volume and grinder setting are machine settings that can influence the strength of the coffee. We advise you to experiment with these settings.

    To increase the strength you can, for example, choose the highest aroma setting, medium cup volume and set the grinder to a finder grind.

    The pre-ground coffee compartment is clogged

    Open the lid of the pre-ground coffee compartment to check if it is clogged with ground coffee. If this is the case, you can unclog this area by following the steps below:

    1. Switch OFF the machine and wait until it is completely off
    2. Remove the brew group from the machine.
    3. Open the lid of the pre-ground coffee compartment and insert the spoon handle into it.
    4. Move the handle up and down until the clogged ground coffee falls down

    If these solutions did not solve the issue, please contact us for further assistance.

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