Maximize your shave

Shave like a pro with personalized advice


Ever wished for a closer or faster shave? Ever experienced dry and itchy skin after shaving? Then the personalized Shaving Advice section in the Philips Grooming app is for you. Thanks to a quick assessment of your face and skin, you will receive tailored recommendations by grooming experts on how to optimize your shave.


The Personalized Shaving Advice builds on over 75 years of Philips heritage in shaving and grooming, and is quick and straightforward. Simply do a short assessment of your beard and skin sensitivity on cheeks, jawline, mouth and neck area, and indicate whether you experience any post-shaving issues, such as ingrown hairs.


Tailored tips

You then receive specific personalized shaving tips tailored to your unique situation, for before, during and after shaving. You can go through them immediately or save them in your Philips profile and refer back to them at any time.


Tutorial videos

The Shaving Guide in the Philips Grooming app also offers an in-depth how-to section with short videos to help you get started with simple, step-by-step instructions. You can learn from the experts how to shave wet or dry, see how to avoid dryness and skin irritation, and more. Each clip even includes a list of expert tools to ensure you get the best results.


Download the Philips Grooming app for free on your smartphone or tablet.