Want to be on the team sending the Philips Astronauts into space? Be part of the extraterrestrial experience from down here on earth. Enjoy interviews, backstage videos, live coverage of test flights and much more. Stay up to date and join us in feeling the excitement as we get closer to Launch Day!
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Introducing a totally unique ride into space

Over the next few months, you will learn more about the XCOR Lynx spacecraft and get an inside view of how it’s being created. You’ll be there at every key development stage as this thrilling vehicle is assembled. Watch us test the propulsions systems on the unique, rocket-powered spacecraft. Understand the challenges of making a reusable vehicle capable of thrusting its way into space before gliding safely back down to its departure point. By this time next year, you’ll be involved in the countdown for take-off. As part of the Mission Control team, you’ll be introduced to the crew who will be making space history. In the near future, you could be watching the first-ever Philips spaceflight soar up and away from Curaçao or the Mojave Desert.


Sponsored by Philips

Philips is sponsoring this amazing space challenge because it’s an extraordinary example of innovative thinking. We strongly believe in innovative thinking – it’s  something we do every day, and it’s enabled us to design a wide variety of products that improve daily life. For example, one of our newest innovations is the Philips Shaver series 9000, containing a whole galaxy of high-tech features designed to give you the best shave ever. To ensure its performance is truly out of this world, we’ve even tested it in zero gravity. And as a member of Mission Control, you’ll discover more about our extraterrestrial ambitions.


Be part of the future of space adventure

Thanks to Philips and XCOR, space flights are entering a new era. Don’t miss your chance to get on board. Visit Facebook to stay connected to Mission Control.