Together, we are opening the doors to space travel for everyone

At Philips, we are passionate believers in the power of innovation. Our own highly innovative products have been improving people’s lives in all sorts of ways for over a century. From lighting to household appliances, audio equipment to shavers, and from personal care devices to high-tech medical equipment, every new invention from Philips was born from the seed we call innovation.

Daring to dream

That’s why we greatly admire other people who dare to dream, to create and to innovate too. People like the visionaries at XCOR Space Expeditions, based in California, who are perfecting a spacecraft capable of thrusting you away from this planet and 100km up into space. The XCOR team is determined to make space travel accessible to members of the public, not just to elite astronauts. Their aim is to provide an incredible experience in the most futuristic vehicle imaginable. So to celebrate the wonders of innovative thinking, we’ve decided to team up with XCOR to offer you the chance to join the pilot on this amazing new era of space adventure. 


Welcoming you to space
The partnership between Philips and XCOR Space Expeditions will enable us to offer space flights to a select number of very lucky people. One of them may be you. We’ll tell you more about it soon. Clue: it’s likely to involve demonstrating your own innovative power to us and your fellow earthlings.

From the MoonShaver to the Philips Shaver series 9000
In the meantime, you can explore the connection between Philips and space right down here on earth. Did you know that Philips´ own innovations include the MoonShaver, which was introduced when man first stepped on the moon? Of course, that was nearly 50 years ago, but it was based on the rotary shaving system, a technology that we invented which has grown to be the most popular shaving system on our planet today.*

Of course, that hasn´t stopped us continuously innovating to make it even better. Take a look at our latest innovation now: the advanced new Philips Shaver Series 9000. It shaves closely and comfortably as never before, thanks to several innovative technologies. And to ensure its performance is truly out of this world, we’ve already tested it in zero gravity. Want to know more about our extraterrestrial activities? Join the mission.


*Based on product sales