Which spring king are you?

Spring brings with it an energy and an optimism, marking the dawn of your freshest look yet. But what will it be? Find it here, with our guide to the seasons biggest trends.

Spring is a time of change, so there’s no better time to hit the season running with a look that makes you look and feel your freshest best. But that doesn’t have to mean a total reinvention – it just means getting inspired and reconnecting with your inner trailblazer. So from hair, to face, to styling, discover the look that’ll put a spring in your step with our guide to the three biggest trends of the season – and how to execute them to perfection.

The Maximalist

Everyone has a maximalist somewhere at heart. That guy dancing on a table on Friday night? That’s him. That guy who lusted over that shiny suit that ‘normal you’ talked him out of?  Yep, that’s him. The maximalist is you, just uninhibited and unadulterated. Here’s how to unleash him.

Hair: The textured quiff. Characterised by short back and sides and volume up top, mostly weighted towards the front. Leave it down and messy, comb it over to one side, or part it down the middle, depending on your mood.

The Maximalist hair cut

Face: The clean shave. Clean and contemporary is the objective here, so reach for your razor. It doesn’t have to be as labour-intensive or uncomfortable as it sounds either – just grab an electric shaver with clever contour-detect technology, like the Philips Shaver 9000 series. It’s fully waterproof, so it can be used in the shower or completely dry – whatever takes your fancy.

The Maximalist face

The Streetwear Warrior

The casual recalibration is showing no sign of slowing this year, so if you’re at your happiest in a baseball cap and trackies, the streetwear look is for you.

The Streetwear Warrior hair cut

Hair: The short fringe. The beauty of this trend is that it doesn’t require a full hairstyle overhaul, but it does promise to give you an instant contemporary edge. It must sit flat against the forehead and at least an inch above the eyebrows to have the desired effect.

Streetwear Warrior face

Face: The Fade. Fade your beard neatly into your short back and sides, but let the rest go as wild as you dare. Use a beard trimmer with a vacuum, like the BeardTrimmer 7000 series, for less mess.

The ’90s dad

Let’s be honest, Friends never stopped being our style inspiration, but now the runway has granted us official permission to go all out – from head to toe.

Hair: The heartthrob bob. A layered, mid-length cut, worn loose and bouncy, or parted into curtains for an extra dose of ’90s nostalgia.

The ’90s dad hair cut

Face: The five-o’clock shadow stubble. With so much going on up top, the objective here is to keep enough stubble to say ‘manly’, without straying too far into grunge-ville.

The ’90s dad face