Your personal Grooming Club experience

A Grooming Club member is always one step ahead.
Welcome to the Philips Grooming Club, the VIP service package created to ease and elevate your male grooming experience. Grooming Club keeps you looking your best through no-nonsense tips, exclusive discounts and more, so you enjoy even better results from our shaving products.

If you recently purchased a Philips shaver which contained a Grooming Club card in the box, simply registering your product via the instructions supplied activates your Grooming Club membership, together with all its benefits.

Extended warranty

Registering your Philips shaver via the Grooming Club automatically gives it an extended warranty that guarantees another whole year of impeccable performance.

The Grooming Club card 

The Grooming Club card (in the box with every Philips 9000 series shaver) has a unique membership number, which is your passport to online shopping discounts for shaver accessories and other male grooming products. Make sure you keep hold of this card, so you can continue to benefit from the best possible prices.

Personal Grooming Club Card


Personally tailored hints & tips
The Grooming Club Experience Centre is your personalised online space for male grooming ideas, hints and tips, specially selected to match your preferences. Discover different facial hair styling options to update your look and enhance your expertise through handy tips that enable you to achieve flawless results.

Grooming news
Grooming news is a bi-monthly e-newsletter that keeps you in-the-know with styling fashions and product offers. Make the most of your Grooming Club membership with this optional subscription.

Get it all via the free Grooming app*

Philips’ free Grooming app (IOS and Android) is a convenient tool for accessing all kinds of male grooming news, advice and information. You can also use it to register products and update your Grooming Club profile settings and content preferences. Click here to download.