SureSigns InCenter Registration Form

Complete this registration form for access to software updates for SureSigns products. Please have available the serial number for at least one of your SureSigns devices when filling out the form.

After completing the form, click Submit. Once your request is processed, we will send the temporary password to the email address you provide (this is your InCenter user name), together with instructions for logging in.

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* 1. Equipment Data
Please select all of the products you own.

For each item selected, enter the number of units and serial number(s) below. One valid serial number per product of interest is required.

SureSigns VM4, VM6, VM8
SureSigns VM4, VM6, VM8 China / Korea
SureSigns VM3
SureSigns VM1
SureSigns VS3
SureSigns VS4
VSi/ VS2+
SureSigns CentralStation

2. SureSigns VM4, VM6, VM8 (Units, Serial)
[Example: 3, US4029876]

3. SureSigns VM4, VM6, VM8 China / Korea (Units, Serial)

4. SureSigns VM3 (Units, Serial)

5. SureSigns VM1 (Units, Serial)

6. SureSigns VS3 (Units, Serial)

7. SureSigns VS4 (Units, Serial)

8. VSi/ VS2+(Units, Serial)

9. VS2 (Units, Serial)

10. SureSigns Central Station (Units, Serial)