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Enhancing the experience of children with cancer at
Children’s Hospital Wales, Cardiff

By Werner Satter, Philips Healthcare Transformation Services

The Children’s Hospital Wales, provides healthcare for the children of Cardiff and tertiary services for children across Wales. The hospital and LATCH (the Welsh Children’s Cancer Charity) engaged Philips for their unique capabilities in the patient experience enhancement area. A team of designers and clinical consultants researched the clinical and emotional needs and worked with the staff to map the journeys of the children through the radiology department. Philips created rooms and spaces that soothe at different levels of engagement for different age groups and improved the patient flow and staff productivity of this department.

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Sarah McIntyre, Senior Radiographer at the Children’s Hospital for Wales commented: “Children living with cancer face enormous challenges day-to-day, so any tool we can bring to the department that in some way improves their experience, is a welcome addition. ‘Latchmosphere’ provides children the ability to create their own environment in the imaging rooms, helping them to remain calm and still during their scan to, hopefully, improve their experience and the images captured. We believe it’s working really well, as a recent user survey has highlighted the positive impact this new environment is bringing to the service.”
LED lining ceiling

“We are all more relaxed”

Curious about the effects, Dr Sue Morris (Paediatric Radiologist University Hospital of Wales Cardiff & Vale NHS Trust) and Philips just very recently conducted a study on 47 parents/caregivers of pediatric patients who were familiar with the former radiology department. Compared to the experience of the ‘old’ peadiatric department, 68% of the respondents indicated that it was easier for their child to relax in the new radiology department. And 72% indicated that, compared to their experience in the ‘old’ radiology department, the experience of the imaging procedure was a lot better for their child.


The Net Promoter Score, (a metric for assessing a customer loyalty for the company's brand, products and services) of the new radiology department is 70.

“We were honored to be selected to collaborate with industry partners and hospital staff to create a new and truly optimized space, with different supporting ‘zones’ that reflect the varying needs of patients and their families,” comments Neil Mesher, Managing Director, Philips Healthcare UK & Ireland. “We believe ‘Latchmosphere’ powered by Philips is a great example of how design and technology can come together to help people in a holistic way, from the moment patients step into reception to the moment they leave.”

Creating a healing environment

Going to a hospital can be upsetting and frightening for children. By creating a reassuring environment, hospitals can strongly influence how a child feels during for example, a radiology scanning procedure.

Philips teams use a unique experience flow mapping methodology to capture the activities and emotions of patients, family and staff in a particular context over time.

By working closely together with all key stakeholders involved, we help to co-create a soothing and calming environment, and places that are operationally efficient, user-friendly, all enhancing the patient, family and staff experience.


Easing children for an MR examination

At Philips we are focusing on the entire patient experience. Waiting is hard for children, especially in a hospital situation when they don’t know what is going to happen with them. Philips designed the KittenScanner, to prepare a child for the upcoming scanning procedure. The KittenScanner lets children play with a miniature scanner and discover how a scanner works.

This can distract them from their fears and help them feel more in control of the situation. Reducing stress for the child beforehand can make the procedure run more smoothly.

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