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Wisp pediatric nasal mask

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Designed specifically for children

Wisp pediatric evolves the proven Wisp nasal mask design for the pediatric population.

Designed with a child-friendly fabric pattern, a modified cushion curvature, and family support tools it offers a positive experience for your child and confidence for you.
wisp pedi diagram L
wisp jacky and friends

Hey kids! Watch Jacky's adventure with his friends

Jacky the Giraffe, Sammy the Seal and Tucker the Turtle are excited to go to Happy Village, but they have a little trouble along the way.


See how they help each other get to the amusement park.

Parents and caregivers - get support to help you manage your child's care.

Watch Jacky the Giraffe with your child

Watch Jacky the Giraffe with your child to see the inspiration for the mask fabric. This playful connection is intended to help ease your child into therapy and make him or her comfortable with the mask.
cta dreammapper


DreamMapper* is a mobile and web application that keeps you actively informed about the child’s therapy. You can find information on things like mask fit and therapy hours, and watch demonstration videos. Even Jacky’s animated cartoon is easily accessible for repeat watching.
*To see which therapy devices are compatible with DreamMapper, visit

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