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You don’t have to stop travelling because you have sleep apnea. Also, stopping your sleep therapy while you’re travelling can lead to setbacks. Here’s how to travel with your sleep apnea equipment and keep your love of exploring alive.


Your Sleep Specialist has probably discussed with you about driving with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and recommended that you inform the DVLA. Please click here for more information.



If you are questioned about your PAP machine, it states that it is “medical equipment” and “suitable for airline use” on the bottom of every Philips Respironics machine.


"We went around Australia in a camper van with a good battery pack for my PAP machine."

Stuart Lamont, patient

Flying with your PAP machine.


Most airlines allow you to have your PAP device as additional hand luggage. We suggest clarifying this with the airline well in advance of your flight.


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You may be required to take your machine out of its travel case for security checks.
If carrying a humidifier, you'll need to empty it of water before you go through security.
Be sure to place the machine securely in its travel bag after screening to ensure it remains safe.

Traveling internationally


If you are heading outside of the United Kingdom, be sure to take the correct power adaptor or cord. Some countries use different electric currents and outlets. Using the wrong current without an adapter can damage your machine.


Need a travel case?


A travel briefcase is available for your Philips Respironics mask and device.

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*Also known in the UK as ‘Apnoea’