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The mask is the most intimate and important part of treatment. Choosing the right mask is essential to ensure you're comfortable. An ill fitting mask can lead to poor delivery of treatment.


Minimal contact masks

As the name implies, minimal contact masks have little contact with your face and are often preferred by those that like to have an open field of vision. The lightweight design allows you to sleep freely through the night. In order for this type of mask to deliver successful therapy, you must be able to breathe freely through your nose.

Am I a nose breather? Here are some simple tests to find out.

Nasal masks

Nasal masks sit around the base of your nose. Like minimal contact masks, they are small and lightweight and can be used by people who like to read or watch TV before they go to sleep, as their line of vision is not obstructed. Again, you need to be able to breathe freely through your nose to use these types of masks.

Am I a nose breather? Here are some simple tests to find out.

Full face masks

Full face masks can be used whether you are a nose or mouth breather as the mask seals around your mouth and nose.

Am I a mouth breather? Here are some simple tests to find out.

"Sure, it’s not a pretty sight. I’m a bit vain but I knew I needed to persevere with it."

Michael Pickersgill, patient

Choose the perfect fit

Nuance & Nuance Pro

Pillow mask


  • Gel padded frame and non-slip
    headgear holds mask in place
  • Reduces need for re-adjustment
  • High-performance look



Nasal mask


  • Compact design delivers a natural fit
  • Performance of a nasal mask with
    the style of a nasal pillows mask
  • Open field of vision for freedom


Amara & Amara Gel

Full face mask

  • Provides an exceptional seal and comfort
  • Smaller and lighter than the leading traditional full face mask
  • Designed with our new gel technology


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