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Driving innovation in healthcare through Strategic Partnerships


Harvard Business Review report: Analysis of the clinical, operational and financial value of Strategic Partnerships and key considerations for making these relationships successful.

Consultant partner planning together with you

Partnering to create innovative strategic technology management plans


Why strategic technology management is emerging as a key operational discipline in healthcare

Virtualisation of healthcare article

Healthcare inequalities report


Rapid acceleration of community diagnostics urgently required to alleviate pressures on the NHS, findings by researchers from Imperial College London and Philips UKI reveals

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Virtualisation of healthcare


Charting the growth of virtual care models, new patient behaviours and the opportunity for out-of-hospital care.

Diagnostics with new models of out of hospital care

Innovating in diagnostics with new models of out of hospital care


Partnering with healthcare providers to pioneer Community Diagnostics Centres (CDC) across the UK