VitaBreath Dyspnoea relief device


Dyspnoea relief device


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VitaBreath is a novel handheld therapy device for COPD patients suffering from activity-related shortness of breath.

Bi-level breathing support || KBA1
Bi-level breathing support

Bi-level breathing support

VitaBreath provides positive inspiratory pressure to reduce the work of breathing, and positive expiratory pressure to keep the airways open. VitaBreath is designed to complement existing COPD therapies.
Adjunct therapy || KBA1
Adjunct therapy

Adjunct therapy

VitaBreath provides non-pharmaceutical therapy that can work with existing prescriptions. Patients can even use VitaBreath between inhalers.
Truly discreet || KBA1
Truly discreet

Truly discreet

VitaBreath is small, lightweight and powered by a long-life lithium ion battery, offering users portability and discretion.
Confidence with every breath || KBA1

Confidence with every breath

Shortness of breath is a real concern for COPD patients. They may avoid daily activities to reduce the risk of experiencing these episodes. VitaBreath can help reclaim their independence by reducing recovery time.
Making it easy to catch a breath || KBA1

Making it easy to catch a breath

The first of its kind, VitaBreath delivers drug-free therapy to COPD patients suffering from shortness of breath (dyspnoea), allowing them to recover faster.

Just breathe

Incredibly easy to use – just push the start button, wait a
few seconds for VitaBreath to warm up and then breathe
through the mouthpiece until the breathlessness has passed.

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  • Please note: VitaBreath is designed for use by patients under the supervision of a physician.