Multiva Magnetic Resonance Imaging system

Multiva 1.5T

Magnetic Resonance Imaging system


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Get fast, right first time imaging for a wide range of routine and advanced applications with Philips Multiva 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. Clinicians need less time to make a confident, accurate diagnosis, improving throughput and referral status.


Magnet weight
  • 2900 kg
Open bore diameter
  • 60 cm
Maximum FOV
  • 53 cm
Ultra compact, Zero Boil off magnet
  • Yes
Galaxy gradients: Performance
Galaxy gradients: Performance
Max Amplitude**
  • 33 mT/m
  • 57 mT/m
  • 208 mT/m/ms mT/m
Max slew rate**
  • 120 mT/m/ms
RF receive
RF receive
Number of channels
  • 16
Channel bandwidth
  • 3 MHz per channel
  • Direct Digital Sampling (DDS)
  • All RF coils include built in dedicated low noise preamplifiers for optimal signal-to-noise
Resolution parameters
Resolution parameters
Max scan matrix
  • 1024 (2048 optional)
Max. number of slices
  • 1024
RF transmit
RF transmit
Output power
  • 18 kW
Amplitude resolution
  • 16 bits
  • Per patient rapid automatic power and frequency optimization
Patient environment: Patient aperture
Patient environment: Patient aperture
  • 60 cm
  • 60 cm
Patient aperture flare
  • 119 cm (horizontally)
Wireless patient physiological synchronization
  • Yes
Various acoustic noise reduction solutions
  • Yes
Patient transport system (optional)
  • Dockable patient trolley (optional)
Weight capacity
  • 250 kg (550 pounds)
Patient support working height
  • 89 cm (35 inches)
Patient support minimum height
  • 52 cm (20.5 inches)
FlexStream workflow
FlexStream workflow
Total Spine studies***
  • Zero coil handling
Brain, NV, Body, MSK studies
  • One ultra-light anterior coil
Whole body exams***
  • Zero coil handling
SmartAssist Efficiency Assistance
SmartAssist Efficiency Assistance
  • Yes
SmartExam (optional)
  • Yes
SmartLine (package dependent)
  • Yes
SmartLink (package dependent)
  • Yes
Site planning: Power consumption
Site planning: Power consumption
  • 4.6 kW
  • 7.4 kW
  • 21.5 kW
  • 27 kW
Minimum floor space
  • 19.5 m2 (210 sq.ft.)
  • *Hinged upon the unique FlexCoverage Posterior coil that provides neck-to-toe coverage without the need for any manual removal or repositioning, FlexStream enables imaging with fewer coils and reduces coil postioning and patient set-up time.
  • *Multiva 1.5T is not sold in USA
  • **On each axis. Amplitude deviation over full 53 cm FOV is <8%
  • ***Using the optional HST and/or Flex MSK coils
  • ****Available per Q4 2013