IntelliSpace Connect Data management solution

IntelliSpace Connect

Data management solution


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IntelliSpace Connect is the data management solution used with the HeartStart Intrepid monitor/defibrillator. IntelliSpace Connect is part of an end-to-end solution that supports clinical workflow, data communications, and post-event review of an emergency case.

Review cases for quality initiatives
Facilitate post-event review

Facilitate post-event review

Post-event review of cases to enable quality assurance initiatives through a browser-based dashboard. The Patient Dashboard provides a filter for recent cases.
Secure transmission of data from HeartStart Intrepid
One button to push

One button to push

Securely send data from the HeartStart Intrepid to IntelliSpace Connect with the push of a button and easily integrate with an ePCR or EMR through an API.
No special hardware requirements
Manage users and devices with browser-based admin tools

Manage users and devices with browser-based admin tools

With IntelliSpace Connect, manage users and devices with browser-based administrator tools. There is no software to install, and no hardware to purchase or maintain. IntelliSpace Connect also has an added security feature for the HeartStart Intrepid device password reset.
Integrated reporting
Pre-configured reports

Pre-configured reports

Popular reports are pre-configured including 12-lead, pre- and post-shock ECG, vital trends, and more.


Browser compatibility
Browser compatibility
Google Chrome
  • Version 75
Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Version 11 or higher
Microsoft Edge
  • Version 44
Mozilla Firefox
  • Version 68