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HeartStart Data Messenger

HeartStart defibrillator software


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Download, store & send Philips AED data to where it’s needed most.

Versatile defibrillator case processi... || Efficient workflow

Versatile defibrillator case processing

Download your patient case data from the AED or monitor and forward to your medical director, colleague, or patient's physician for analysis, erase it from the defibrillator, and synchronize case times and defibrillator clock with your PC.
Manual and automatic modes || Efficient workflow

Simplify your workflow

HeartStart Data Messenger can process cases under your control in “manual mode” or simplify your responders’ job by processing cases automatically in the background, according to pre‐configured preferences – no need to interact with software.
Efficient batch processing || Efficient workflow

Efficient batch processing

HeartStart MRx monitor/defibrillator users can automatically download multiple patient summaries at once via LAN and forward them all in one batch to either an Event Review Pro database or electronic patient care reporting system (ePCR).
Facilitate decisions in the moment || Efficient workflow

Facilitate decisions in the moment

HeartStart MRx users can forward 12‐lead ECGs and vital sign data from the field to either the HeartStart Telemedicine System or HeartStart 12‐Lead Transfer Station. Physicians can assist medics with care and the patient destination decisions.
  • HeartStart FR3 and MRx defibrillators only