Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Sweet Ease Natural Sucrose Solution

Sweet-Ease and Sweet-Heart

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Sweet-Ease is a 24% sucrose and purified water solution. Sucrose is an all natural, non-pharmacologic intervention that has been widely studied and proven to be associated with statistically and clinically significant reductions in discomfort to the infant. Preservative-free Sweet-Ease Natural may be used in all areas of the hospital, including the NICU, PICU, newborn nursery, ER or at the pediatrician’s office. Sweet-Ease administration can be supplemented by a Soothie pacifier to help calm and soothe distressed babies up to six months of age. Sweet-Ease Natural is packaged in two convenient sizes:

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Product details
Product Category
Calming and soothing
Product Type
Sweet-Ease and Sweet-Heart
Patient Application
Newborn babies up to 6 months of age
Single-Patient Use OR Multi-Patient Use
Sterile or Non-Sterile
Packaging Unit
200/Case (4 boxes of 50)
Package Weight
Minimum Shelf Life
1 year
CE Certified