Xper Information Management with Flex Cardio

Cardiovascular workflow solution

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Xper Information Management (Xper IM) streamlines your workflow by integrating clinical, systems, and administrative functions, so you can access information when and where it is needed.

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Enhance cath lab workflow and patient care

Enhance cath lab workflow and patient care

Xper Information Management (Xper IM) is designed to enhance workflow so that administrative concerns never become a barrier to patient care. It provides a single point of contact for pre-, during, and post-procedure information. It populates the final cardiac report with patient data, and interfaces with HIS, PACS, and EMRs to avoid redundant data entry and to create integrated patient records. If you choose, you can even share study-related information and images with patients at the bedside.
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Flexibility and clinical decision support in physiomonitoring

Flexibility and clinical decision support in physiomonitoring

Xper Flex Cardio physiomonitoring system packs a lot of powerful technology into a small package that fits nearly anywhere. Advanced clinical decision support capabilities deliver valuable patient information pre-procedure, during the procedure and in recovery. For example, with just one click, you can document vital ECG information in the clinical report. Xper Flex Cardio’s information-rich technology includes single click fractional flow reserve (FFR) data capture, ST maps that graphically indicate ST elevation or depression, Culprit Artery Detection to help pinpoint occlusions, Critical Values to highlight important findings, and support of 12-lead ECGs.
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Bidirectional interface

Bidirectional interface

Xper Connect provides a bidirectional interface with your hospital information system (HIS), as well as other systems and modalities, to help you create a connected enterprise. The Xper Connect family has 850-plus interface installations** with ADT, query ADT, billing, orders, inventory, labs, results and discrete clinical data.

Experience cardiovascular technology that revolves around your workflow

The foundation of our workflow solution starts with the Xper Flex Cardio system. Xper Flex Cardio is a physiomonitoring and analysis system for use in the interventional environment. Xper Information Management (Xper IM) encompasses a suite of cath lab data management solutions designed to enhance interventional cardiology workflow. This innovative software suite presents a variety of tools for reporting, scheduling, inventory and intelligent data management. These tools can help enhance efficiency, Xper IM improves and simplifies workflow for all cardiovascular professionals. Xper IM improves and simplifies workflow for all cardiovascular professionals.

Making the difference with Philips Physiomonitoring System

At Stiftungsklinik (Weissenhorn, Germany) Xper Flex Cardio provides reliable hemodynamic measurements while integrating with Philips Allura X-ray system, optimizing workflow and saving space in the interventional lab.

Cardiology IT with Xper Information Management system

Metro Health personnel share their experiences using with Xper IM interactively within the cath lab.

Expand your cath lab work flow


Flexibility and clinical decision support

Xper Flex Cardio with Xper Information Management


This product specifications document contains a complete description of Xper Flex Cardio Physiomonitoring and the enhanced Xper Information Management software.


Upgrade program for Physiomonitoring 5


Replace your Physiomonitoring 5 system, with Xper Flex Cardio and the latest version of Xper Information Management (Xper IM) software.

  • **Each interface implementation requires individual operability testing. Interface installation is handled on a customer-by-customer basis.