Comfort Twin Electric Breast Pump Double Breast expression

Comfort Twin Electric Breast Pump

Double Breast expression

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Let mothers express more milk in less time. With this portable twin electric breast pump both breasts can be expressed simultaneously. Three user controlled vacuum settings offer personalized comfort for a steady supply of milk.

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  • ¹ The Philips Avent Comfort twin electric breast pump weighs less than 626g (22.08 oz) and delivers a vacuum strength of 33mbar. The tube wraps around the base unit for extra convenience. The system is a closed system for easy cleaning so breast milk can never get into the tubing or motor unit. All parts can be immersed in water and sterilized except for the electrical parts.
  • * Independent home placement test among 76 mothers in the US, August 2012
  • ³Jones, et al, A randomized controlled trial to compare methods of milk expression after preterm delivery, ADC 2001:85:F91