Comfort Twin Electric Breast Pump

Double Breast expression

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Let mothers express more milk in less time. With this portable twin electric breast pump both breasts can be expressed simultaneously. Three user controlled vacuum settings offer personalized comfort for a steady supply of milk.

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Twin Electric Breast Pump Specifications
Expression unit: 125g (when fully assembled)
Motor unit including tubing: 452g
Twin Electric Breast Pump Specifications
Pumping mode
Double electric
Vacuum levels
Stimulation mode: 128mmHg. Expression setting 1: 169mmHg
Expression setting 2: 209mmHg. Expression setting 3: 250mmHg
What’s in the pack
1x breast pump expression unit
2x breast pump expression unit (including 2x Philips Avent Natural bottle)
1x motor unit including tubing & connecting caps
2 x newborn flow teat
2x hygiene covers, 2x sealing discs for breast milk storage
1x power adapter
2x spare diaphragms
1x instruction manual for Comfort breast pump
1x instruction manual for Natural bottle
1x day breastpad sample pack
1x night breastpad sample pack
1x handy travel bag
Polypropylene: pump body, hygiene cover for funnel,Natural bottle.
Silicone: cushion, diaphragm, valve, newbornflow teat TPE: sealing disc. Entirely BPA free
Expression unit: Total height: 17.1cm (when fully assembled)
Expression unit: Total width: 13.5cm (when fully assembled)
Motor unit: Total height: 10.5cm, Total width: 14.2cm, Totaldepth: 10.4cm
All parts can be immersed in water and sterilised except forthe electrical parts
Easy visual matching of parts. Few small pieces
Instructions of use
Printed instruction manual with easy-reference troubleshooting guide
2 years
Large soft massage cushion available for purchase separately.
Available spare parts
Pump body, massage cushion, massage cushion large
Diaphragm and valve, tubing, power adapter, motor unit,
Hygiene cover for cushion.hygiene cover for cushion, battery lidon motor unit