MR Qflow  

Integrate Qflow as part of MR Cardiac suite2

mr qflow
2Qflow still available also outside of CMR to accommodate non-cardiac use 

Allow easy compare of flow results to cardiac function in ONE suite

The application is designed to support visualisation and quantification of blood flow dynamics by reviewing MR Q-Flow data. The tooling creates 2D color flow overlay maps on anatomical references, e.g. to be used to calculate stroke volumes. The package includes automatic vessel contour detection for large vessels to quickly analyse vessel flow. Background correction allows for offset correction required for q-flow data of certain MR vendors.


  • Qflow and Function (and other analysis) combined reporting

MR Cardiac Quantitative Mapping  

Map calculation for other acquisitions

quantative mapping

The application is designed to analyse quantitative maps provided by the scanner as well as calculated quantitative maps within the application for T1, T2 and T2* data. A toolbox is provided to manually improve the quantitative map calculation by manual and automatic motion correction tools.


  • More acquisitions support:





  • ‘R2 error map’ is added to the workflow as a quality check

MR Cardiac Whole Heart

IntelliSpace Portal 10 – Task guided workflow

whole heart

The application allows for 3D visualisation of any 3D or MRA scanned data. The application allows for automated segmentation of the heart in 3D data to provide a high quality 3D rendering of the heart. Furthermore it allows MRA data to be reviewed in Volume Rendering or MIP mode to segment relevant parts of the scanned data. With the tool the individual segmented tissues  like left-ventricle, right-ventricle, coronaries etc. can be manually edited and selectively viewed and exported in a batch or saved as STL/VTK model to serve as 3D print or used in procedure planning.


Features included: Volume Rendering, 3D heart segmentation algorithm, tissue list, (seed based) masking & segmentation and edit tools. 

Enhancements in MR Cardiac

Easy comprehensive cardiac review for MR exams

enhancements in mr

MR Cardiac enables quick visualisation with viewing protocols, of a single, multiple or all available cardiac series, including synchronisation of cardiac phases. The fast initial review allows clinicians to quickly view the general results of cardiac heart exams and decide on the first analysis that is needed. Visual scoring can be done using an AHA bull’s eye plot.


  • Any selection of series in the viewer will be the selection to open a new protocol in the ‘create new viewing protocol’ step
  • MR Function freehand segmentation and edit tool:

Allow multiple manual segmentation tools in LV



‒Drop Seed

Allow multiple manual segmentation tools in RV



  • The user has the ability to see all slices of the SA series in one viewport

CT Cardiac Viewer

Quick cardiac visualisation

Magic glass

Rib cage removal for cardiac CT scans – enables a 3D anatomical volume rendering image of the heart and the large blood vessels connected to it, after removing the rib-cage structures automatically, for different types of clinical questions, and scanning protocols. Assisting in visualisation of complex anatomy, and for results sharing (e.g. with surgeons)

  • Quick visualisation of one or multiple cardiac phases
  • Synchronisation of multiple cardiac phases with interactive slab-MIP tools for review purposes
  • Cine mode for cardiac axes views
  • Simple “Area-Length” calculation of end systolic volume (ESV), end diastolic volume (EDV), cardiac output (CO), and ejection fraction (EF) for basic ventricular functional assessment