CT Spectral Light Magic Glass

Magic glass
  • Light Magic Glass will allow fast review of spectral data and identification of most relevant result to be launched into the conventional CT application for routine work.
  • The LMG has all the features as the sMGoP, including the ability to save Spectral result series, which is new in IntelliSpace Portal 10.
  • The LMG option is available on the following applications:

–Virtual Colonoscopy


–Trauma Viewer (Acute Multifunctional Review)



–Brain Perfusion

–Functional CT (FCT)

MR Liver Health

Accurate fat calculation enables determination of Fat Fraction (FF)

Magic glass

The application provides the ability to perform liver analysis, on mDIXON Quant data (Philips data), in a non-invasive manner by providing fat fraction and iron information averaged over the whole liver volume.

For segmental/nodular liver diseases user can compare the overall liver fat fraction with the local determined by ROI.

The application segments whole liver and provides a volume which can be used in follow up to understand the morphological changes in the liver. 


  • Whole liver volumetric segmentation applied on the water phase included in the mDixonQuant sequence
  • Mask out “non-liver” tissues (vessels, lesions) based on threshold applied on T2* map
  • Calculate the relativity map R2* (= 1/T2* map)