MR Advanced Diffusion Analysis

Enhance your workflow by generating additional cDWI images with b-values that were not acquired

diffusion analysis
  • Supports a diversity of analysis methods including more advanced techniques that compensate for non-diffusion based signal loss such as IVIM.
  • Provide diffusion analysis models, as well parametric maps of Perfusion fraction (f), Pseudo Diffusion coefficient (D*), Diffusion coefficient (D) and Kurtosis (K).
  • Display parameter values from user defined ROI’s (Regions of Interest). 
  • Enhance your workflow and save time by calculating and displaying Computed Diffusion Weighted Images (cDWI) at a b-value of choice.
  • Supplement DWI scans with the perfusion fraction (f) parametric maps, which may be used as a parameter of the amount of capillary vessels in a region.
  • Display the ROI results in tabular and graphical formats.